Sunday, March 28, 2010

Good Bye to Donuts

A little known fact about me, I used to smoke. Yes, I smoked like a chimney. One day my aunt (who was like a mother to me) said "Lisa I have lung cancer. Please stop smoking." Glenda never smoked. However, her husband and several family members did. So, I promised I would quit. I smoked the last three in my pack and said "Good bye to cigarettes". Two days later I would find out about being pregnant with Jillian.
Now on to donuts. Donuts are just one of those comfort foods that you find hard to resists. It is especially hard when there is a box of warm glazed donuts in your house when you first wake up or they flip on that HOT DONUTS sign. Tonight, as I shoved a chocolate covered donut down my gullet, I realized something. This is going to be my farewell party. I took one last savory bite of the sugary confection and said in my heart "goodbye you useless fat maker".
Tomorrow I am going to make a list of foods to replace the highly unhealthy food that I find when I go to the kitchen. I pray that God directs me in my food decisions just as He does in all decisions.

BTW I am trying to figure out how to load pictures so we can watch the action of the pounds going away and the healthy me shining through.

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